mostly migrated and a lumpkin

Well, the website is mostly migrated to the new server, and much of it is up and running. And, now that we have that taken care of, it is back to corkscrewing.  Most importantly, the latest round of collector auctions will be open for listings on October 19th.

Who knows what might turn up?

On a personal corkscrew note, the other day I picked up one of those odd REG. US. PAT. PEND. DETROIT – B. BRO CO – 8062 LUMPKIN  double levers…


Little information has been unearthed about this piece, or who B. BRO.CO. was.  Still, I will see what I can’t turn up.  And, I will update if any information comes to light…



patented in Rockland Maine

For those of you that found yourselves traipsing around Maine last month searching for corkscrews, there is a corkscrew that was patented in Rockland Maine in 1882.

And, while I have blogged about the Aaron M. Austin patent (#266,073) previously (5 years ago or so) the other day, I managed to find a second example.


According to  Leading business men of Bangor, Rockland and vicinity: embracing Ellsworth, Bucksport, Belfast, Camden, Rockport, Thomaston, Oldtown, Orono, Brewer published in 1888, ““Austin’s Toilet Novelty,”  “gives but a very imperfect and inadequate idea of the many uses to which that truly wonderful combination tool can be applied…””

Marked with the patent date of  PAT 10-17-82, it is a very cool little combination tool.

That said, given that I already have one in the collection, perhaps a little trade could happen.

Anyone need the 1882 Austin patent?

Drop me a line.


Showing & Telling

While both AGMs will be written up in The Bottle Scrue Times and the Quarterly Worme respectively, and surely there will be a myriad of pictures from both, the AGMs both had fabulous show and tell sessions.

This is one of my favorite parts of our get togethers.  Fascinating new discoveries are shared and passed around.

Yes, there are still new discoveries!!!

As for me, I got to show and talk about the 1867 Van Zandt patent…


as well as the new Syroco Corkscrews book.


Only a few copies of the book were available at the meeting, but should you want a copy you can email Ion Chirescu at his book email: .

SyrocoWood Corkscrews and Decorative Accessories, is 330 pages of all things Syroco, and has fabulous imagery of the corkscrews and openers that we covet.

With that said, I would like to steal a moment here, to congratulate Tommy Campnell for receiving the Bernard Watney Award for his work on this book.


Congrats Tommy!!!

Oh, there were more corkscrews…

Following the official Annual General Meeting of the CCCC, all attendees were invited to visit our home on Vinalhaven, and many decided to make the trek; a foggy rollie ferry ride followed by, wine, food, wine, beer, wine, food, and of course corkscrews!

A good time was had by all!

And, those that were extending their stay an extra couple of days on Vinalhaven; the Vrijlands, Tommy Campnell, & Zalazniks had a bit of a lobster feed that evening, as 15 lobsters were delivered.  

In between, there was a bit more wine, the lobsters ended up in a couple of pots until they were sufficiently steamed, but not before the great lobster / corkscrew duel took place…

We raised a glass or two.  And, of course, there were corkscrews.  

At some point, James asked if he could get into the junk boxes, and I let him have at it.  This was followed by Tommy going through the junk boxes, which was followed by Leon going through the junk boxes.

Deals were made, and we went back to corkscrewing around, with more wine.

The following day, the Zalazniks departed, as did TC, and a few of us hopped a lobster boat to get a tour around the island.

This morning it was farewells to Leon, Saskia, Nic, and Alice. 

It was wonderful to share our home with such fantastic friends these past two weeks, and we hope to see each of you very soon. 


More corkscrew stories…

There will definitely be more corkscrew stories to tell, and tales of our adventure together in Portland Maine at the CCCC AGM.  And, while much of these stories will be shared in the upcoming Quarterly Worme, here are a few photos from the meeting.


Lots of corkscrews changed hands.  I sold a fair amount, and during a boat ride around Portland, I struck a deal with Tipped Worme Johnny, for his much treasured, and not tipped, Moxie corkscrew.


Definitely destined for the best 6 of the year, I have coveted this piece for years.  And, there is a Maine connection with Moxie, as the inventor of Moxie was from Maine, and up until recently there was a Moxie Museum in Lisbon Falls, Maine.  I will try to connect with a couple of the Moxie historians to see if we can find more answers on this rare corkscrew.

There were a few more corkscrews added to the collection at the meeting as well; a larger version of the Greeley, a Sterling McLean patent marked with the patent date, and a few others.

The adventures continue today, as lots of CCCCers are coming to the island for a visit, and lunch, wine, and beer will be enjoyed by all.

Stay tuned!

Voigt Detroit and the CCCC AGM

After a bit of cleaning up from having 52 corkscrew folk at hour house on Vinalhaven, we have been readying ourselves for the next AGM, which begins tomorrow!

So, we are about to hop on the ferry to the mainland, where we will put together name tag and welcome packages, and then being the trip down to Portland for the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club Annual General Meeting.

I have picked up a few more corkscrews to bring to the auction and buy and sell, and it will be fabulous to see everyone.  Photos and stories to follow.

That said, I happened on eBay the other day, and what should appear but another advertising Davis patent.  This time for Voigt Brewing, but this example only has the advertisement of VOIGT DETROIT with a V.


Another nice Detroit to add to the collection!

For all of you traveling to the CCCC AGM, safe travels and see you soon!