corkscrews suddenly dissappearing off of eBay

 Every once in a while there is a rare antique corkscrew that will come up for bidding on eBay.  A few bids are placed.  A few days go by.  And, suddenly it’s gone.  Not won by anyone, but for some reason the seller has decided to take it off of the auction site.

Now it may be the case that the person has changed their mind and decided to keep it.  It may be that the seller felt the bids weren’t high enough to that point.  I however, have another theory.  There are  eBay pirates!  Someone offered the seller an amount of money to get them to end the listing early.  And, given the fact that collectors are always looking for a good deal, it is probably significantly less than it would have sold for if the auction had ended in appropriate auction fashion.

Irritating? Yes!!!!!!!!

So what is the regular ebayer to do?  Do we hoist our own jolly roger and join in the fray?  Or, do we seek out the pirates and find another way of beating them to the booty?