900$ for a champagne tap

the chicago antique market was a lovely thing to behold, especially since security let me in early–a hour and a half before the actual buyers.  I meandered around, saw a couple of nice things, and then ran into my arch nemesis–this guy has been collecting corkscrews since before I was born, and he was set up to sell, as well hunt for some treasures as well.

I quickly, skipped past and looked from booth to booth.  Then I saw a lovely champagne tap.  Upon picking it up, I was told 40$.  Not bad, and I was contemplating the purchase when I noticed another one.  These were out in the open, adjacent to some of those horrible grapevine corkscrews.  I picked it up, looked closely.  And, said, "how much for this one?"  900$ was his response.  I didn’t flinch.  I didn’t gasp.  I didn’t balk.  But, I didn’t reach for my money clip either.

It’s in the book, he explained.  "great, he has THE book," I thought to myself.  So, I wandered on.  I looked around some more, and actually bumped in to a couple also looking for corkscrews.  Given their enthusiasm, I am contemplating getting a space at the same fair next month. 

So… no corkscrews for me this morning.  Perhaps eBay will prove an interesting hunt later.


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