combatting the BIN

I have started a new tact.  Recognizing that so many collectors are sending emails with hopes of getting a seller to add a buy it now, I have started to place all corkscrews of any note on my watch list on "my ebay".  I visit this page regularly, and if I happen upon it after someone has successfully convinced a seller to add a BIN, I simply snap it up.  This has happend several times.  The only reason I know that it was not simply placed there by the seller, is that I have received emails from those who had asked for the BIN, and missed it because they were away from their computer, or those that said…I asked for that, more power to you…nice snag.

It is interesting the approach these Binners have taken, some ask "do you have a buy it now price?"?  Some ask, "how bout adding a buy it now?"  Still others, will ask for a BIN for a specific price…and sometimes that price is way beyond what they should have paid, at auction or otherwise… I won’t name names, but you need to stop doing it.  And, you know who you are.

No corkscrews for me this weekend, although I have listed a couple.  Who knows what this coming weekend will bring, we are going on a roadtrip to minneapolis…corkscrew capital of the…. well, they may have one or two…