Redlich and Company Sterling Roundlet

I visited the poop office box today, and much to my delight there was a package waiting for me.  A very large package filled with bubble wrap, which was wrapped around a little white box, which was filled with white tissue, which was used to protect a plastic zip lock bag, which encased a sterling silver roundlet corkscrew.  I love the way people pack stuff…

The item once unpacked was much better than I could have imagined.  Marked with Sterling 93, a monogram of BGA, and 1893 on the opposite end.  Then, on the side… it looks to have a small dragon/lion.  I looked at several sterling mark sites, and it has to be Redlich and Company…  There are some other possibilities, but for the moment, this is the best guess…

Now, what could BGA stand for… Bullwinkle Gregory Arbuckle?  Bouregard Gilligan Armstrong? Billy Goat Army?  Big Green Alligator? Bernard George Anderson?

Who could have owned the piece….


Sniping Bull

Many of us who buy and sell on ebay know each other by the ebay monikers we selected when initially signing up with the auction website.  And, we know of each other by reputation, collecting interests, or annoying little habits that drive each other crazy.  Then there is Don Bull.  Don Bull wrote the book on corkscrews.  And, I mean literally.  So, whenever you see Don bidding on something, there seems to be a little higher value attached to the item.  It is either something rare, something unique, and sometimes both.  So, when the auctionsniper software is set, and you end up outbidding Don on an item, there is a special dance of victory that is called for.   Yes, it is the I-sniped-Don-Bull-out-of-a-spendid-corkscrew-dance-of-joy.  Now, others have danced this dance before, but I have been able to do it twice in the last week.

The item today, pictured below, is a lovely advertising corkscrew, of unknown vintage.  But it looks remarkably cool.

Of course, one may wonder…what is all the excitement about?   Well, it has a lot to do with the disparity in collections, the inequities of finances, and the ability to stick out one’s tongue.

So, I out sniped the Bull…!!!!!!!  Let the dancing commence!!!!!!