Duck Bill Corkscrews

there is a corkscrew that is referred to as a duck bill; largely because it looks like a duck bill.  And, one ended moments ago on eBay at 310$.  It was listed as a duck bill, and it got much notice.  However, there is another duck bill listed on ebay getting significantly less attention.  5 hours to go, and it only is priced at 26 dollars.  Now, this particular corkscrew is the shorter duckbilled version of the one that just sold, but it is still remarkably desirable.  Where it will end up is a mystery, but I will update this blog as soon as it ends.  Or, in a reasonable amount of time anyway.   What is interesting here, is that corkscrew collectors are a diligent sort.  They look at descriptions, pictures, or the right clue as to some item’s rarity, significance, or desirablity.  How then, can one sell for 310, and another languish at 26?

Now, I would hazard to guess that the shorter billed duck would go for more than the longer one given the markings that were on it.  And, so it did only seconds ago….316 dollars won by Chris Bristow…

Somehow I knew, that it wouldn’t slip through…although I really hoped it had…


2 responses

  1. Yet another one for CB. I want to know when his funds are due to dry up. Maybe we\’ll snag some buys then. Hard luck Sir Oko…I didn\’t even spot that one, I\’m definitely losing my touch.

  2. Get over it – the money men are always waiting in the wings. I was on this little baby as soon as it came out of the gate. Tired to BIN the guy for 75 but no takers. Anyhow I was half-hoping for a deal, but being the realist I am, I knew those Germans would be waiting to snipe… and they were.But They were outsniped by CreditCardCentral – unlimited slush fund for corkscrew acquisition.

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