Oh Deer

A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a antler carved corkscrew that looked like a dragon.  It was lovely, had glass eyes, and a nice helix.  I turned down the item with its 600$ price tag, as I am a poor underpaid professor that would never be able to afford such a piece.  The item was ebayed, and sold in the neighborhood of 450$.

It looked as if, such a lovely piece would never come my way.  And then, we went on a road trip to Minneapolis.  Well, actually, we went on a road trip with a destination of Minneapolis, but made a short detour to Stillwater, MN.

We meandered from antique store to antique store with Sonoma the Wonderdog by our sides, and then the corkscrew gods deemed me worthy.  In amongst some old fishing lures was a corkscrew.  I couldn’t make out the price, so I called the gentleman over.   After a bit of bargaining, we knocked a fair amount of the price tag.  I paid the agreed upon price, and skipped out of the store with a carved antler handled corkscrew with sterling embellishment in hand.

Quite the lovely piece, it is marked on the sterling section, and will be staying in the collection!


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