Prototype Corkscrew

Well, I have finally done it.  After years of hunting, searching, ebaying, and generally begging for antique corkscrews, I have finally found a RARE piece that is worth talking about.  Actually, I have many rare pieces, but this is something which I am sure is unique, if not one of a kind–and no, it isn’t one of those insane vine handled corkscrews.

I have poured over every book and looked at every corkscrew website, and cannot find another like it.  So, I am pretty sure this is the real deal.  However, I would not mind if someone could fill me in otherwise.  I also do not doubt that there will be a substantial offer from Chris Bristow once he reads this.

So, what did I find?  A Lead Handled Williamson Corkscrew; not the normal shape, but instead the exact shape of the wooden ones we often find.  I believe that this is a prototype or served as the quality control the manufacturer would use to check their lathes.  So, with a hearty "EUREKA," grab your micrometers and calipers and see if this measures up.

On the other hand, it could simply be someones "shop project" gone horribly awry…

One response

  1. I have a production of those babies currently coming out my garden shed. My old sea fishing lead weights melted down sure make interesting handles. Let me know your needs & if your require any fancy engraving, etc. Back to the shed I must go, e i e i e i o.

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