Shipping and Handling

So… I walked over to the poop office box today, and there indeed was a package there waiting for me.  I haven’t been purchasing a ton on ebay recently, so I knew what it had to be.  Or, at least, what it should be.  And, what it should be is a lovely lifetimer corkscrew in its original box with instructions.  What it was, however, was a lifetimer corkscrew with instructions, and a large flat torn and thrashed box. 

Apparently, after charging me 7.00$ for priority shipping, the seller decided to send the package via DHL and simply threw it into a shipping pack.  No bubble wrap, no newspaper, none of that little styrofoam popcorn/peanuts that are readily available.  No, it was just the box and nothing but the box in there.  And, it is destroyed.  Of course, the ironic part of all this is that part of the 7.00 was for handling.  One would assume handling means more than shoving the item into a bag.

I have sent the seller an email saying that the box is no longer a box, as much as it is a green piece of flattened cardboard with some writing on it.  I will update the blog if they respond with an explanation, refund, or some other offering of condolences of the unfortunate loss of original packaging.

For all those sellers out there… I say, "say it with love, say it with bubble wrap."



2 responses

  1. What is wrong with this picture? My box is flat…boo hoo hoo – get over it big boy! Boxes are meant to be flattened!That\’s the reason we buy corkscrews – they\’re made of M E T A L. They\’re virtually unbreakable!Screw the box. In fact, put the now flattened box in a well-packed USPS-approved box along with whatever your dog leaves on the sidewalk after morning walkies, and send it back to the seller with a big positive feedback!

  2. Oh so funny Chris, I agree. Sonama can rustle up something special for your new Ebay friend Josef, that\’s your new corkscrewteer challenge…..Put the plastic glove on & get to work.

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