now you see it, now you don’t.

In the never ending saga of corkscrews being removed from eBay as a result of offsite sales and buy it now (bin) requests comes another tale.
Last week, there was a small collection of corkscrews listed rather creatively as a small collection of corkscrews.   Within the small collection was a ivory/bone handled t pull with a brush.  The seller recognized that this one piece was more desirable, and chose to have a separate photo of this particular item highlighting the corkscrew’s ivory/bone handledness and desirableness.
I, too, recognized that it was a neat item, and set the auction on my watch list.  By the next morning the listing had dissappeared.
I emailed the seller as to the cause of the untimely disappearance of the ivory/bone handled item, and there was an explanation that all their auctions were cancelled on ebay, which leads one to wonder…at what price did the little corkscrew dissappear, or are there darker forces at work here.  Did ebay ‘actually’ cancel their auctions?
The photo is the aforementioned corkscrew as it was shown in the listing.  Anyone want to fess up?  Or, how bout some ideas of what it probably was gotten for?