whhhooossshhhhiiinnnnggggg of paypal

Whilst my comrades in arms spend a great deal of time whooossshing cash from their wallet on lovely items from UK auction houses, I seem to have gone on a tear on ebay as of late.  Nothing extraordinary as far as price…but I have made some interesting purchases…  And, there are more to come.  So, while I can’t compete in rarity, I seem to be making up ground in sheer volume.  The pictures are from the last day or so…

3 responses

  1. I just had a flashback looking at your latest acquisitions — me on ebay circa 2003!I had to change my buying habits as the boxes had taken over the basement, and when you talk of "sheer volume", you have to look to the king himself, Sir Loxwood, who has more boxes of "collectable corkscrews" than you can throw a stick at.BTW, what do you want for the Lifetimer…

  2. HalloI am very much interested in the cork screw with spring and wooden handel. How much would you want for this?Mit freundlichem GrussHans Gruber

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