3 gallons of paint, tub of spackle, and misc. hardware

Not the usual trip to california, as usually there is a corkscrew involved.  Well, technically there was, as much wine was consumed.  But largely the trip was focused on dolling up the mother in law’s condo.  With those tasks achieved, we are back…  No corkscrews, but I am sure a trip to the PO Box will garner a few interesting arrivals…
Speaking of interesting, Chris Bristow said that if I didn’t have a snipe set he would eat his hat…  I look forward to seeing this in the upcoming week in Vancouver…

One response

  1. I did state "my hat" – and I duly did eat one of my chocolate hats saved for such occasions when I have to eat humble pie.However, I still think you may have had a sneaky snipe set, which didn\’t appear because you were outsniped at the end… hhmmmmm this calls for further investigation.

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