Hercules versus Dunish and Scholer

I snapped up this spring assist corkscrew last week on eBay, as it looked remarkably like the ribbed handled Dunish and Scholer 1883 corkscrew listed in Don Bull’s book.  I was also with Peter Borrett outside of London where he found a similar one.  So, I was looking forward to receiving the item, as the description was, at best, non descriptive.
Well, it arrived, and where I thought would be a DRP 27175 mark, is instead a Hercules mark.  However, the ribbed handle is the same as the one in Bull’s book.  So, does the Hercules mark take away from the value, add to the value, or make it just another spring assist corkscrew that will be relisted on ebay…
I am thinking, that the ribbed (for her pleasure) handle would be enough to garner interest… 

2 responses

  1. Out of interest, the one I bought at Kempton was a DRP patent with a rosewood handle & was interestingly marked in 3 places. It also had the original wine merchants brass plaque on the handle & that\’s why I threw a pile of cash at the guy.I was also very fortunate a few months ago to find a mixed lot on Ebay listed for £1.00. The lot included a post office money bank, a kitchen chopper, boxed medicine & in the background I could just make out a spring corkscrew. I took a chance bidding £1.00 & won – wahooooooo. I arranged with the guy to collect as he was local & that avoided the £10.00 postage. When I picked the lot up I found the corkscrew had a ribbed handle, was marked DRP 2175 & had the original brass ADVERTISING plaque. That was £1.00 very well spent.P.S. Let me know if you want a Post office vintage money box in exchange for your Hercules.

  2. I prefer ribbed ones, but the vibrating ones can be just as good.Never had one with a brass plaque on before, but there\’s always a first time :)And if you are Hercules, who can I be?

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