leaving ebay for a while

Well… vacation starts on Saturday morning, when we hop a plane to Seattle and Vancouver…  10 days with no eBay…then, I head for Maine for a week to work on our house there.  7 days and no eBay.    Not that I am going to go through withdrawls or anything.  However, I would assume that there are those who will rejoice in the absence of Iwascorkscrewed from the auction/snipe/bin site.
So…those who hang their heads in your hands when you are sniped in the closing seconds , those who scream out in frustration when an item suddenly dissappears from your "my watch list,"  those who have attached several expletives to eBay names like iwascorkscrewed, corkscrew_sniper, kriskork, antiquewinestuff, or corkscrew_uk  know that one of us is leaving his laptop at home.
Of course…I don’t leave till Saturday…  So… there may be a snipe or two still to be set. 
The clown picture is of the latest snipe…

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