return of the BIN

an awesome corkscrew was listed two days ago, but had received no bids.  this could only mean one thing, those that would usually bid, were emailing the seller to see if they would end it early or add a BIN—Bin’s can only be added if there are no bids on the item up for bid.  So, I am watching this piece with interest,  in case someone successfully got the seller to add the aforementioned BIN.  It never happened.  Instead, I looked at my "my ebay" and noticed the seller had ended the auction early.  Did someone manage to swing a deal, did the seller decide they wanted to keep the item…?  Another mystery to solve…
the corkscrew in question, a very desirable syroco indian… here are the pictures from the listing
on another note, a collector in chicago has offered me his entire collection for purchase—some 600 corkscrews.  i will visit the collection next week…who knows what treasures may be in store?

awesome corkscrew

Okay… I would love to say I just found the greatest corkscrew ever, but alas, pickings have been slim as of late.  So, there is no awesome corkscrew find.  However, I was feeling a little remiss in my duties as corkscrew blogger to the world. 
So, I decided to instead include a picture from my latest article.  Largely the article is about going flea marketing and finding tube sox, but also speaks to the various type of sellers one find’s at the local flea.  I will include a link later as soon as it is published…

back from Maine

I have heard from various sources that there are no corkscrews in Maine…  Well, I traveled around a bit, and did manage to come up with a few.  And, I passed on a few.  There was a Hull Club marked for a New York importer, a lovely Lund Lever, two erotic corkscrews, two sterling roundlets, and a pair of ladies legs.  All of which were so outrageously priced, you would have thought the seller was the curator of a museum rather than someone who intends to sell his items.  The hull was priced 4900$.
So, I sauntered around antique shops and a small antique fair, and did find a couple of others.  One is an interesting sterling piece marked STERLING NEWMAN’s, SILVER SHOP, with a 1921 Silver dollar in the handle.  Also, a simple sterling roundlet, and a very large (VERY) ebony handled corkscrew with a brass henshall type button.  There were a few others I passed on, but these were nice deals, and made my adventure even more enjoyable…
Also, I AM BACK!!!!!!   ebayers watch out… I am back in the game….

Robert Jones & Son

It arrived.  I am thrilled!
Peter and talked on the phone today and were discussing the potential issues with getting an old king’s screw.  Usually the gearing is messed up, it won’t function properly.  The seller of this piece assured me that the ratchet worked well, and true to her word, it works perfectly.  Not a missing cog, not even a damaged one.  The helix is long, sharp, and complete, and the badge is beautiful; boldly embossed ROBERT JONES & SON, *PATENT*
A lovely piece, it will sit in the collection for at least 24 hours…  I have a feeling there will be a couple of offers forthcoming.  Until then, it is here, it is beautiful, and it will be used this evening.
Off to Maine in the morning…

more pictures

I did manage to come away with a couple of corkscrews from the CCCC.  A nice TYR double lever, and a Maussion prong.  I used to have both of these, but mine had made their way to CB in a recent deal.  Also, I picked up an excelsior, a snifter, and a two tooled bow. 
Off to Maine Wednesday morning. Who knows what may turn up there?

Pictures as promised

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so, instead of adding in my own narrative, I will let the photos tell the story.  Just keep these key events in mind.
I think you all can figure out the rest…

back from CCCC

Well, we are back!
It was a great trip, filled with fantastic conversation, too many corkscrews to count, lovely dinners, and copious amounts of wine.  The highlights surely were dinner with CB and ES, the corkscrew buy and sell, and meeting so many corkscrew-ers who I had done deals with in the past, but had never met in person.
I will be updating the blog tomorrow with all kinds of pictures from the trip, including those from our sea kayaking trip where we ran into a rather friendly blue heron, and later a rather aloof bald eagle…
Oh yes, there are corkscrews too….speaking of, I logged on and saw a lovely buy it now on a pair of syrocos.  I snapped them up.  thanks to the binner who got that one to be listed…sorry, that I got there first (not really).