back from CCCC

Well, we are back!
It was a great trip, filled with fantastic conversation, too many corkscrews to count, lovely dinners, and copious amounts of wine.  The highlights surely were dinner with CB and ES, the corkscrew buy and sell, and meeting so many corkscrew-ers who I had done deals with in the past, but had never met in person.
I will be updating the blog tomorrow with all kinds of pictures from the trip, including those from our sea kayaking trip where we ran into a rather friendly blue heron, and later a rather aloof bald eagle…
Oh yes, there are corkscrews too….speaking of, I logged on and saw a lovely buy it now on a pair of syrocos.  I snapped them up.  thanks to the binner who got that one to be listed…sorry, that I got there first (not really).

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