back from Maine

I have heard from various sources that there are no corkscrews in Maine…  Well, I traveled around a bit, and did manage to come up with a few.  And, I passed on a few.  There was a Hull Club marked for a New York importer, a lovely Lund Lever, two erotic corkscrews, two sterling roundlets, and a pair of ladies legs.  All of which were so outrageously priced, you would have thought the seller was the curator of a museum rather than someone who intends to sell his items.  The hull was priced 4900$.
So, I sauntered around antique shops and a small antique fair, and did find a couple of others.  One is an interesting sterling piece marked STERLING NEWMAN’s, SILVER SHOP, with a 1921 Silver dollar in the handle.  Also, a simple sterling roundlet, and a very large (VERY) ebony handled corkscrew with a brass henshall type button.  There were a few others I passed on, but these were nice deals, and made my adventure even more enjoyable…
Also, I AM BACK!!!!!!   ebayers watch out… I am back in the game….

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