return of the BIN

an awesome corkscrew was listed two days ago, but had received no bids.  this could only mean one thing, those that would usually bid, were emailing the seller to see if they would end it early or add a BIN—Bin’s can only be added if there are no bids on the item up for bid.  So, I am watching this piece with interest,  in case someone successfully got the seller to add the aforementioned BIN.  It never happened.  Instead, I looked at my "my ebay" and noticed the seller had ended the auction early.  Did someone manage to swing a deal, did the seller decide they wanted to keep the item…?  Another mystery to solve…
the corkscrew in question, a very desirable syroco indian… here are the pictures from the listing
on another note, a collector in chicago has offered me his entire collection for purchase—some 600 corkscrews.  i will visit the collection next week…who knows what treasures may be in store?

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