two days in a row…and some corkscrews

In between reading Dewey and Hebdige, I managed to win an auction lot of corkscrews.  This was a live auction, that also was listed on ebay.  I just finished perusing My Pedagogic Creed, when the specific lot was coming up for auction.  Why they chose to put the corkscrews next to last is beyond me.  Still, I watched it come up, and after the dust had settled, I was the winning bidder. 
A lovely lot of 7 corkscrews including a pair of ladies legs, an early picnic, a nice weirs patent, and a couple others.  Yes, the corkscrew god’s have been smiling down on me as of late.  However, with the return of the brimfield boys back from their adventures, and soon to be on ebay, it would seem my good corkscrew-karma might be coming to an end.

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