this week’s flea

Well, I did it.  I got out to another flea market before the end of the season.  Although, some of the flea markets are year round, one is wrapping it up next month.  And, there were some interesting finds, despite the rainy conditions.  A hasselbring sterling/horn piece, a red devil opener (sans the base), a pickwick clothes brush, and ez puller, and a really interesting rabbit/bunny corkscrew.  The rabbit/bunny/hare one is interesting insofar as, it looks less like a rabbit, and more like one of those animals that bill murray made out of plastic explosives in the movie caddyshack.  Still, it was a good deal, and I was pleased.
On another note, a long time corkscrew collector was there regaling me with his latest conquest.  Last month, at the same flea, he found a syroco clown for 100 bucks.  I laughed in his general direction and said, I just got a monk for 2 dollars and stuck out my tongue.
note to self; visit flea markets more often.

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