here piggy piggy piggy! come here piggy!

It all started so innocently.  I was minding my business reading The American Acheivement Ideology as Perceived by Urban African-American Students: Explorations by Gender and Academic Program by Donna Ford, when I decided to take a break and check out ebay.  And, there it was; a negbaur pig corkscrew.
I have wanted the little piggy for some time…and who could have imagined one right there for the taking.  And, for a 9.95 buy it now!  I hit the button, sent some paypal funds, and made some room in the corkscrew pig pen in anticipation of the piggy’s arrival.
With visions of pork chops now in my head, I did my best Peter Brady doing a  Humprey Bogart impression, and then went back to reading.
Earlier, I listed some lovely items on ebay.  Not getting a lot of action as of yet, but surely there will be some interested parties soon enough!