the corkscrew gods show a little love

So… I have this intense literature review that I am working on which is designed to look at school climate and its affect on teachers’ perceptions of students. And, while I should probably be reading articles for this project, I can’t help but every once in a while check out ebay to see what has recently been listed.

I punched up a search, and an interesting corkscrew had been added. It is marked FOREIGN and features a four finger direct pull type handle, but is attached to a set of lazy tongs. I snapped it up for the 20 bucks that was asked, knowing that I had seen a similar one before—then, I went back to reading.

Over coffee this morning, I perused Don Bull’s book, and he pictures the same one except its GERMANY instead of FOREIGN. Still, it is a nice piece, for a great price.

It is nice to know that the corkscrew gods are willing to throw a little love my way.