Shriner’s Corkscrew

Last week sometime, I saw this little williamson roundlet corkscrew on ebay.  It looked to have some applied markings, and I emailed the seller to make sure they were not stickers.  She told me they were applied medallion/badges, and I placed a bid.
As luck would have it, I won the auction…and was later congratulated by the Grand PooBah himself (Don Bull) on my find.  I should mention it was cheap! (6.50 to be exact)
Well, it arrived today and is marked with the Williamson patent information on one end.  And, the two badges are for MAINE, and for KORA, 1906.  A quick google of Maine and Kora bring’s up the Shriner’s organization in Lewiston.
A neat variation on the Williamson Roundlet!

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