Snipe Snipe Snipe

After a couple of days of reading countless articles about school climate and its affect on teacher behavior, I settled in with a glass of Owen Roe’s Abbot’s Table and set a few snipes on ebay.

This morning I awoke to several emails announcing my wins. Of course, I always look to see who was the underbidder, so I will know who will be mad at me later.

So…apologies to Chris and Don. As the old addage says, "All is fair in love and corkscrews…"

One response

  1. Not only are you now outbidding a couple of whoooshhhhhhhhhers (c) CB, you\’ve suddenly taken your Snappy addiction to a new incredible level. The $5.00 max how just become $375!!!! It was a great piece though Josef, shame you didn\’t push it to the $15000 reserve they set (Or whatever it was). Which makes me ponder…..Why do Ebay sellers pick a corkscrew out of a box & whack such a huge reserve on it?????????? 😦 I could of been in the game for say $50

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