Sniped out of a Snappy by Bull

A couple of days ago, there was this fabulous snappy alligator carved corkscrew that was listed on ebay.  I had contacted the seller, as there was a reserve, and with the bids increasing…the reserve still wasn’t hit.  Well, I placed a snipe bid…knowing it was below the reserve, but hoping that after the dust settled, I would have been the high bidder, and the seller and I could negotiate a deal.
And, then it happend.  Completely blindsided by Don Bull.  Who pounced on the aforementioned gator with gusto.  He too, came up short of the reserve, but through a couple of emails negotiated to get the snappy fellow into his hands.
Well, as the old adage goes, there’s plenty of gators in the swamp.  I am sure another will come along eventually.

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