a couple of lots

I was deeply involved in making sense of Ernest Morrel’s work with critical research, and envisioning how that would work at the community college level, when I took a break, had my 22nd cup of coffee, and clicked on ebay.  There listed was a lot of corkscrews–granted there are a lot of corkscrews on ebay, I mean a single lot of several.
I glanced at the picture, and saw the older version of the zig zag, a vaughns prong puller, a champagne tap, and a few other odds and ends.  With a buy it now attached.  I clicked, won, and went back to critical research.
I should also mention that there is a corkscrew lot going up on a live auction today…I managed to get an absentee bid in, but so did Andre Burgos…we shall see where the corkscrews land!

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