beyond annoying

I awoke yesterday morning to an angry email from an ebayer questioning my integrity after I supposedly offered him a second chance offer on a toshiba laptop computer as he was the underbidder.  Knowing that I don’t own a toshiba laptop, and the fact that I didn’t send the offer, I hopped online with ebay.
After several emails, and online conversations with the powers that be, they explained that somehow my account was hacked, and someone was using my ID to run a scam.  "Great," I thought outloud, "now what…"
I changed my passoword immediately, and then revisited my "myebay" page.  In looking at the text that was sent to four various underbidders, the offending ebay hacker gave his very own email address… So, I set about seeking the person out, and sent him an email…. he explained that ebay changed his password, and the address would be different because he moved and some other stuff. 
The next email that I send, will tell him that I was the one that was hacked, and that he is a big weenie!
I haven’t figured out what other recourse I will take in this matter, but I may be calling on "the family…"

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