The Binners are Back!

So, I get up this morning and grab a cup of coffee, and check email before heading of to school.  Of course, I also have to check ebay, because, well, it’s eBay.
And, there it is a lovely corkscrew/coffin guy.  I have wanted one for some time, and set up auction sniper.  Then I page back, and notice that there have been some requests and responses…
"Hello, this is a nice looking piece.  Would you add a Buy it Now for $100?  I would pay immediately by Paypal. Regards Tom"
"Awesome, how about adding a buy it now for say 75"
The seller maintained his cool, and for the time being the item remains listed.   I am not passing judgement on the BINNERS, I just love it when it is included in the seller’s listing.
Also, I received that seashell corkscrew yesterday and it is beautiful… pictures to follow…

new addition

We added a new thing to the CCCC yahoo board.  A trade list.  Kind of a show and tell of what extras you have and what you are looking for.  Hopefully this will unite those wishing to trade, and alert others to look for specific items for fellow collectors. 
that all said, visit the board, and see if you have what others are seeking, or perhaps you have your own tradable bait to offer….

CCCC yahoo groups

I have been named a moderator for the CCCC yahoo group.  Similarly, Mark and CB have been as well.  With the three of us at the helm, who knows what is going to happen there.  I am thinking it will soon become a web-board of drunken hedonism and debauchery—well, here is hoping anyway.
Also, I haven’t made a trade with another collector in a while.  Anyone have a marked henshall with which they wish to part?
Nothing new as far as corkscrews…but I did get find this in the glove box of my car.  I wondered where I had put it…


Well, my plan to get a very old corkscrew for a fair price was foiled yesterday when the seller of "corkscrew / ring / tamper" decided to not explain in his listing that there was no corkscrew, and that he had taken it upon himself to glue the pieces together.
The glue didn’t hold, and I emailed asking why did he list it as a corkscrew when there wasn’t one.  He informed me that I should have emailed with questions, and that everyone knows that "nearly everyone" on eBay Uk is a detectorist, and that these were items dug and iron rusts…
After figuring out what detectorist meant (that he walks around with a metal detector) I asked if he would refund the money as he didn’t explain that there wasn’t any corkscrew, that it was rusted away, or that he used glue to conceal that fact…  After some scathing emails, he finally agreed to the refund…
I learned my lesson, knowing now that all eBayers from the UK are detectorists…make sure they are not purveyors of fine rust, and instead that the corkscrew which is advertised as corkscrew actually has a corkscrew somehow attached.


Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous.  And, a good time was had by all.
The refrigerator is now filled with all the leftover food we couldn’t qute consume in a day and evening filled with turkey, wine, wine, pumpkin pie, wine, and wine.
I picked up a corkscrew with brush on ebay, but in the picture it looks like it is one with the removable helix.  I hope, when it arrives,  that is the case.
Also, there is a hootch owl listed, and it is already at 1500+… 

happy thanksgiving

twas the day before thanksgiving, and she roamed the house.
corkscrews were everywhere, and she said to her spouse,
"this screwy habit of yours, is taking over our flat"
he  looked at her astonished, whilst stroking "Helix," the cat.
do you think, we could stop, just for a day she requested.
he nodded his head, thinking of the time he invested
so Thanksgiving  will be a corkscrewless day
except for one’s use on a puligny-montrachet
it’s only one day, and then back to corkscrewing 
 to BINing, to sniping, to refreshing/renewing
so, ebay is yours lads, for one day at least
whilst I prepare turkey and a thanksgiving feast.

almost famous

Well, it has finally happened…  I am beginning to hear stories about great finds, and legendary corkscrew exploits, that just happen to have been my own adventures.  Read the comments from Prophetjul from the last entry; he explains that heard about someone that has gotten two gold knights for 75$. 
Well, actually if you want the real calculations, it was 40 for the first one, 19.99 for the second one, and now 5 dollars for the third.  so, that would be a grand total of 64.99…for all three.  Also, the 25$ monk was only a buck ninety nine.
But, i think we all have stories like this.  It’s all about right place right time and a certain level of diligence in ferreting out the good (fantastic!) deal.
hopefully, there will be more deals to talk about here soon!

basking in the glow…

Well, I have basked in the glow of the golden knight for two days, and have decided to put the gilded galahad up on ebay for sale.  Yes, there will be a reserve.  I mean, I do have to get my 5 bucks back.  And, yes, there will be a buy it now… the paypal account needs a little padding–and, I have to pay for my tuition somehow…
So… it will be listed momentarily.   Keep your eyes peeled.

I **** Indiana

This morning I woke up, and knowing I had the morning free, looked online and saw that there was an antique show in Indiana some 65 minutes away.  I had never been to this area before, so, I threw on some appropriate antiquing garb, and headed out the door with cup of coffee in hand.
Well, i arrived at the antique show, and after making my way up and down every booth and aisle, there were no corkscrews to be had; unless you are in the market for one of those little prilgrims in the stocks corkscrew sets, which seem to turn up on ebay regularly…
I did manage to find an interesting peacock blue vase, that the lovely would appreciate, and made my way back to the mini.  I had recalled seeing a couple of antique malls on my way into town, so I decided to give those a shot.  130 dealers in one store, and the only corkscrew was one of those 1920 penguin things, but missing its plastic sheath.  And, at 30 bucks, it was more than I wanted to spend.
One more aisle of little tiny booths, and I was nearing the register.  I looked up, and there it was.  Just sitting there on a shelf.  Not behind glass or locked up…just sitting there…
I stopped, and tried not to faint.  I looked right and left, to make sure there were no other corkscrew hunters in the near vicinity, although one passerby did look remarkably like Don Bull.  I reached over and checked the price tag.  I thought it said 45$.  And, I was excited…, then I picked up the item, and noticed it wasn’t 45….it was 5$.
I grabbed my digital camera to capture the moment.  I took a couple shots, and  noticed the Don- Bull-look-a-like, was rapidly approaching.  I grabbed the item and headed to the cashier.
After assuring myself that it wasn’t Don, and whomever it was, wasn’t going to tackle me and rip the treasured opener from my hands, I pulled out my 5 dollars and 30 cents (sales tax and all) and promptly paid for the item.
Making it to the mini for a quick getaway, I sped off.  Hightailing it home with the booty on the passenger seat next to me.  I smiled, and said outloud, ‘I love Indiana.’
What was the corkscrew…check the photos below!!!!!!!!!!