I **** Indiana

This morning I woke up, and knowing I had the morning free, looked online and saw that there was an antique show in Indiana some 65 minutes away.  I had never been to this area before, so, I threw on some appropriate antiquing garb, and headed out the door with cup of coffee in hand.
Well, i arrived at the antique show, and after making my way up and down every booth and aisle, there were no corkscrews to be had; unless you are in the market for one of those little prilgrims in the stocks corkscrew sets, which seem to turn up on ebay regularly…
I did manage to find an interesting peacock blue vase, that the lovely would appreciate, and made my way back to the mini.  I had recalled seeing a couple of antique malls on my way into town, so I decided to give those a shot.  130 dealers in one store, and the only corkscrew was one of those 1920 penguin things, but missing its plastic sheath.  And, at 30 bucks, it was more than I wanted to spend.
One more aisle of little tiny booths, and I was nearing the register.  I looked up, and there it was.  Just sitting there on a shelf.  Not behind glass or locked up…just sitting there…
I stopped, and tried not to faint.  I looked right and left, to make sure there were no other corkscrew hunters in the near vicinity, although one passerby did look remarkably like Don Bull.  I reached over and checked the price tag.  I thought it said 45$.  And, I was excited…, then I picked up the item, and noticed it wasn’t 45….it was 5$.
I grabbed my digital camera to capture the moment.  I took a couple shots, and  noticed the Don- Bull-look-a-like, was rapidly approaching.  I grabbed the item and headed to the cashier.
After assuring myself that it wasn’t Don, and whomever it was, wasn’t going to tackle me and rip the treasured opener from my hands, I pulled out my 5 dollars and 30 cents (sales tax and all) and promptly paid for the item.
Making it to the mini for a quick getaway, I sped off.  Hightailing it home with the booty on the passenger seat next to me.  I smiled, and said outloud, ‘I love Indiana.’
What was the corkscrew…check the photos below!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Well, you finally got me to make a quasi public comment. Is this your third golden knight? I dream about finds like this. Truly amazing. Congratulations!

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