Well, my plan to get a very old corkscrew for a fair price was foiled yesterday when the seller of "corkscrew / ring / tamper" decided to not explain in his listing that there was no corkscrew, and that he had taken it upon himself to glue the pieces together.
The glue didn’t hold, and I emailed asking why did he list it as a corkscrew when there wasn’t one.  He informed me that I should have emailed with questions, and that everyone knows that "nearly everyone" on eBay Uk is a detectorist, and that these were items dug and iron rusts…
After figuring out what detectorist meant (that he walks around with a metal detector) I asked if he would refund the money as he didn’t explain that there wasn’t any corkscrew, that it was rusted away, or that he used glue to conceal that fact…  After some scathing emails, he finally agreed to the refund…
I learned my lesson, knowing now that all eBayers from the UK are detectorists…make sure they are not purveyors of fine rust, and instead that the corkscrew which is advertised as corkscrew actually has a corkscrew somehow attached.

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