corkscrew piggy pirates

I left to go meet the lovely (da luvalie as Peter calls her) at a holiday event last night having seen an interesting collection being put up for bid on eBay.  After a glass of wine and perusing the collection at architerural artifacts, we headed back home.   Some great pieces at their show, including a 56 inch high antique corkscrew sign from a vineyard in France…sadly, the piece was sold.
After ordering food from Ping Pong, I pulled up eBay for a last look to see if anything had been added.  Lo and behold, the collection which included a ross piggy was gone; victim of a BINNING corkscrew pirate!!!  Who asked for the BIN is always a mystery, but it seems that the "wineleopard" came away with the booty!
Yes, there was a bunch of everyday corkscrews in this lot, but the pirated piggy is surely the prize, especially given it was taken for a mere 25$.