more piracy on the high seas of ebay

32 corkscrews with a start of one penny….i looked at the pictures and thought, well there is one nice piece in there, as i had seen it in Bull’s book, but couldn’t remember much else about it.  I put the listing on my watch list, and set up a snipe.
By the time I was done setting things up, the item was no longer for sale.  PIRATES!…this time there wasn’t a BIN added…so clearly someone did a side deal.
After looking at Bull’s book, there are two corkscrews of interest as far as I can tell…but, what is interesting to me is the 7th from the left in the picture (upper row)…next to the G.M. Thurnauer piece.  Is that what the piracy is about, or is it the Thurnauer one that would garner interest.
Oh well…

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