the wineleopard strikes again

Oh, he is a bold and brazen one that wineleopard!  Not only is he pirating the proverbial seas of eBay,  he is now sending emails to yours truly to tell of his conquests and booty.  Usually, I see the illgotten booty, but this one I missed…
can you say arrrgh!?!?

questions answered

So… I was wondering about this latest champagne tap, and trying to find out who the maker was… and shortly after posting the picture an email arrived from CB explaining that it is a Heeley and Son’s tap. 
After looking closer at the label and packaging, the markings became clearer.  J H S B  or James Heeley and Son’s Birmingham. 
Thanks CB!!!!!

decisions reached

While, I have come to understand that this blog is read by more than 3 people, I was wondering if anyone has any catalog references for Walker corkscrews.  I have pretty much decided that this will be the next focus of my collection, and would love to get some info on the company.
A pair of legs arrived Saturday, and I am thrilled to add them to the growing can can collection.

corkscrew piggy pirates

I left to go meet the lovely (da luvalie as Peter calls her) at a holiday event last night having seen an interesting collection being put up for bid on eBay.  After a glass of wine and perusing the collection at architerural artifacts, we headed back home.   Some great pieces at their show, including a 56 inch high antique corkscrew sign from a vineyard in France…sadly, the piece was sold.
After ordering food from Ping Pong, I pulled up eBay for a last look to see if anything had been added.  Lo and behold, the collection which included a ross piggy was gone; victim of a BINNING corkscrew pirate!!!  Who asked for the BIN is always a mystery, but it seems that the "wineleopard" came away with the booty!
Yes, there was a bunch of everyday corkscrews in this lot, but the pirated piggy is surely the prize, especially given it was taken for a mere 25$.

decisions decisions decisions

Over the last couple of years, I had made it point to collect the entire syroco set of corkscrews.  And, with only one exception (the broader indian) I have each variation of stain and paint, bladed worm v. wire, and direct pull v. bell.  While I will still seek out the indian which elludes me, what do I start collecting now?
Walker corkscrews?  Clough corkscrews? Perille? Heeley? Celluoid?  Suggestions are welcome, as long as Peter doesn’t say, pot animal corkscrews… 
On another note, I managed to win a walker button corkscrew for a fair price.  Hopefully it, as well as the 14 other corkscrews that are supposed to arrive soon, will arrive soon.

hidden gem

I have had a couple of those AMI open all cork extractors, but have yet to acquire one with the corkscrew attached.  And, quite frankly, who would want one without the corkscrew anyway.
Well, after getting the lovely bride’s car’s oil changed, I hopped online, and there it was… an AMI open all with the original box.  And, while one had to look closely, the corkscrew is tucked into the handle, but clearly there.  With a buy it now on the item of a total of 6.99, I pounced quickly…
A great deal…and, we can now do the buy-it-now-for-a-bargain-corkscrew-dance-of-elation!!!!!