off for a few days

Well, it has been a few days full of coughing, drinking lots of tea, coughing, ricolas, and now antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine…(we are rather fond of the codeine part)
Hopefully over the next couple of days, I will be on the mend…but, some throat thing got to me…and I have been down for the count since Friday.
There have been some interesting items on ebay…the best being a strait patent…and, I am still waiting on some missing corkscrews that were promised two months ago, but have still yet to arrive.  Oh well, they weren’t fabulous one’s anyway…
School is back in session for DePaul, so I am back to reading about curriculum theory and doing quantitative statistics…
on a more important note:...the lovely’s birthday is this friday!!!    (and, she collects shiny silvery corkscrews, if you are so inclined)

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