the devil made me do it

during halloween, I had purchased a dog toy for Sonoma the Wonderdog shaped like a devil with a little pitch fork.  Upon giving the little guy a squeeze, it would make this dark and evil sound "the devil made me do it, the devil made me do it."
Well, a few months go by, and the toy is lost (or eaten) and I forgot about it…then a couple of days ago whilst cleaning the place, lo and behold the devil was still here.  So, I tossed it to Sonoma, and she grabbed it in her choppers and the sound came back, "the devil made me do it, the devil made me do it"
Now, this is kind of funny for the first three times…but Sonoma was rather enamored with the little devil and it became constant…And, I started to go a bit over the edge.  Then a corkscrew appeared on ebay, and for some reason could not resist taking the little guys advice.
The devil made me do it! The devil made me do it, Muah ha ha ha ha ha !