my post office lady yelled at me today

it was a normal afternoon today.  I went about my business, ran some errands, walked the pooch, had some coffee, read some educational texts, and then….went to the post office place.
Upon entering, the little lady that worked there yelled at me.  "why you get so many boxes???!!!," she exclaimed.  "Boxes?," I asked.  Then she started to bring them out.  A small box from the UK, two from Canada, a shipment of wine from Provenance winery in the Napa Valley, a large box from some cat in California, and two other small packages.  I apologized for monopolizing the joint, when she asked if i got the big box…
I said, "no," and headed towards the back room and there sat a rather large, rather beaten up, white box wrapped with enough duct tape that even McGyver would be impressed.
I gathered up that one too, and headed toward the Mini…weighted down, I headed back home and started opening box after box.  It was like christmas without the wrapping, annoying carolers, or fruit cake that inevitably gets passed on to someone else–or is used as a door stop.
And, while pictures will follow shortly.  There were 7 gemelli patent corkscrews, a hollweg, a drp spring, a wolverson, a double lever that looks to be a prototype, a schiltz globe bell, a couple of syroco pieces, and a nifty bottle topper with an 1883 patent date–oh, and about 50 others that will inevitably end up on ebay.
A good day, despite being chastised by the poop office box lady…

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