flea market Sunday…only one corkscrew

I decided to go to one of the monthly flea markets in Chicagoland this morning.  I hadn’t been in several months, so I had hoped there would be something of interest.
Given the 20 degree temperatures, there were not many dealers, and not many buyers for that matter.  And, for the first time in 5+ years did i not hear the bellowing call "it’s all junk, and it’s all cheap."  Last I heard, the rather loud dealer had packed it in, and was no longer hitting the flea markets…
That said, I made the rounds and found a couple of cloughs, three of those horrible grape vine corkscrews, and a couple of nifty’s.  Nothing worth buying, or paying the outrageous prices asked for a "RARE ANCIENT DRIFTWOOD CORKSCREW."
Then as I neared the final booths, I saw a Challenge corkscrew in decent shape sitting on someone’s table.  After talking him down to a much fairer amount, I reached for the money clip, dolled out some dollars and headed off.
Hopefully when the area thaws out in spring, some more corkscrews will come to light.  Until then, it is back to eBay….

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