shiny things

On page 144 of Don Bull’s book there is a silver corkscrew pictured that was manufactured by Alfred Borderner.  While not old, in the grand scheme of things, it has been a piece that I have thought was rather impressive and would make a nice addition to the lovely’s (da luvalie as Peter refers to her) sterling corkscrew collection. 
Well, last month on eBay, there was a piece that looked to be the same.  But the seller, made no mention of markings.  I emailed him and he explained yes, it is marked.  But, his opening bid was high.  After it received no bids, he explained he would do some more research and relist.  And, he did.
Just yesterday an auction for an "Albert Borderner" sterling silver corkscrew ended…and, a shiny valentines present is on its way.