Hamish McBride!!!!

There was this listing on ebay for some assorted barware, that clearly had a syroco codger/topper corkscrew in amongst the items.  The seller explained it was a bottle stopper, and one estute ebayer asked for pictures of the syroco guy…there was no corkscrew attached and it was beyond rough.  However, the seller was already asked for a Buy it Now…and he refused (according to the question/answer on his listing).
Now what is really funny, is the seller while not wanting to add a buy it now early on, eventually decided that it was a valuable item, and did add one for 200 $.  The item languished there for 7 days, finally ending for a whopping 17.50$ —
Which reminds me of the old joke where an older gentleman goes up to this hot young girl and asks
"will you sleep with me for 5 million dollars?" 
She looks offended, but eventually says "yes." 
The then asks her, "would you sleep with me for 1 million dollars?" 
She thinks it over, and says ‘yes." 
He then turns to her and says, "would you sleep with me for 5 dollars?" 
She glares at him and spews, "what do you take me for?!!!?" 
He explains, "well, madam we have already established that, now we are just negotiating a price…"
Now, while my name was used by the person egging the seller on, it wasn’t me.  Although, I do have a sneaking suspiscion that it was the notorius "Hamish McBride."
You can read the Q & A from the listing below…
Q: Greetings! Does the man have the label on the base? It should be marked L’Africain, Chicago. It makes all the difference, please let me know.


  A: There is no lable. 


  Q: Is the man original or a modern reproduction? It’s difficult to make out from the photograph. Thanks Hamish


  A: I bought this collection at an estate sale. I doubt that the man is a repro. He’s well worn. Marie


  Q: Good morning: Can I have you send more pics of the carved man with the head off? Thank you for your response.


  A: Please send your email address and I will be glad to oblige. Marie


   Q: Hi I was looking at your barware and wondered if the handle shaker is a Martini shaker and if the guy who is a stopper if he is made of wood. Thanks


  A: I am not certain of the use for this item. The guy is made of wood.


  Q: Me again- one more question – could you email me a closeup picture of the man’s head removed from the body so that i can see the condition of it? Thanks!


  A: Hi. Just mentioned in my other email to you. Please send your email address and I will be happy to send pics of the carved man.


  Q: Hi – would you consider putting a Buy It Now price on this?


  A: Hi. Yours is the second request for Buy It Now. I think I will just hang in there for bids. Please send your email addres and I will send pictures of the carved item. Marie