more treasures at the post!

After making my daily sojourn to the poop office box, and there were no corkscrews there.  I headed back home, loaded up my new software package, and went about doing statistical analyses of stuff. 
Then, our home postal person came, and disappeared quickly; leaving a note that there was a registered package from the UK that will be left at the postal annex a couple miles away.  Now, it amazes me that she simply wouldn’t knock on my door and have me sign for said registered package from the UK, but there are a lot of things that amaze me.
So, on my way to school, I stopped by the aforementioned postal annex, handed my slip to the postal person and waited for their prompt return–prompt and postal somehow never happens–when they did finally return, a lovely package filled with more bubble wrap than a person would ever need revealed this lovely 1895 German Double Spring Corkscrew, marked DRGS on the shoulders…    

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