today’s arrivals….

I ventured over to the poop office box, and there were several packages there.  Most of them for Peter, but a couple for me.  So, I did what any decent person would do, I opened Peter’s boxes, exchanged his nicely detailed pieces with some rusty ones of my own.  Replaced mine in the box, taped them  back up, and put them aside to mail to him later.
Of the packages that were actually addressed to me, one contained a nice copper heeley double lever–a trade from Mr. Bull for the mirror mentioned a few days back.

little silver mop corkscrew

well, after offering very little, i was counter-offered more than i want to spend on the little silver (non-gift) corkscrew.  still, it is a remarkable piece, and i will do what i can to negotiate the person down.
there is another silver corkscrew which i am trying to find out information about.  it is unmarked, but looks very old, and handhammered?
i know, that i have every book published on the subject (except guy olive’s) but a little help on these things is always appreciated.