Lord Herries’ Corkscrew

A while back, I was perusing ebay and found an interesting drawing which included a corkscrew.  Apparently a dealer in Maine had found a sketchbook belonging to Marmaduke Francis Constable-Maxwell, Lord Herries of Terregles and was auctioning off the drawings.  I placed a low snipe bid, thinking, well if it happens it happens.
Well, that day the corkscrew gods smiled upon me, and I got the drawing for a pittance.  And, photocopies of the artists signature and other relevant documentation as to the provenance of the original sketchbook arrived with the drawing.
I took the piece to my frame guy–foursided in chicago–and, we selected an antique frame that may do the piece justice.
It is pictured below, but what is also remarkable is that Lord Herries, decided to include a great note about the sketch.  Written on the drawing are the names of the attendees to "our picnic."  And, better still, the piece reads, "eatables left behind, except a little sherry and a cork screw"
It is a neat addition to the art gallery!  And, to the corkscrew collection!