Wow! Nice Rack!

I made a trade today with a long time collector in Chicago.  He keeps his "junk" in his shop, and has a mere 4000 corkscrews at some other locale.  And, his junk is amazing, tuckers, curleys, syrocos, silver picnics, steel alligators, thomasons, king’s screws, hootch owls…etc.  He told me to call him next time, instead of just stopping by, and he would bring out his "nice stuff."
Well, after a couple of minutes, deciding what he wanted from me, he suggested I take this from him, and make sure I bring more tradeables next time.  I said sure, and threw this in the front seat of my car and headed off…
After returning home, I sent off pictures of the nice rack to Chris and Peter, both of whom are convinced that the badge on the King’s screw is the royal crest.  I have sent another picture off to yet another Brit for confirmation.  Who within the royal family decided to part with this corkscrew will be a mystery, but it does make the trade alot more exciting!!!!!