back from SB — arrivals and syroco stuff

After 4 days in Santa Barbara filled with sun, rain, wine, food, wine, wine, wine, wine, and a little wine, I headed over to the poop office box today to find a heeley double lever, a couple of syroco brushes (pictured below), an awesome engraved roundlet (also pictured), and yet another package for Peter.
I picked up the syroco clothes brushes as they have the same heads as on the corkscrews…they really have awesome character; the laughing man one especially, who really is my favorite of all the syrocos.
I also arrived home to 324 emails.  300 of which were spam…it is getting worse, not better.  I appreciate my spam protector, but it still seems ridiculous.  And, quite frankly I do not want to give my bank information to the cousin of the son of a daughter of a friend of a second cousin of a relative of a neighbor’s son of a king from Lagos.  No, my ebay account had no brute force entries… And, viagra is not in my immediate future, I am still in my thirties for pete’s sake .
I am back on the hunt for corkscrews, and there is a curley listed currently which is garnering much interest.  Not in bids, but the seller contacted be for advice as far as the binners…and, there were some interesting names he gave out… i won’t say who…but, it extends beyond the normal pirates…
Also, if you have access to a wine made by Wing Canyon, you should pick up a bottle; the cabernet preferably, it is insanely huge!, and reminiscent of early bottlings of Dunn Howell Mountain. 

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