a syroco collection

Over the next couple days, I will be emailed a list of syroco corkscrews that are for sale.  As I already have an example of each, these will be offered to other collectors.  I wonder who is in the market for a golden knight these days anyway.
I made hotel reservations for the JFO convention in Nashville in 2 weeks.  I wonder what the opener to corkscrew ratio is at one of these things…
Also, a dealer at the local flea on Sunday asked me "how deep are your pockets when it comes to corkscrews?"  I looked at him with a puzzled look I am sure.  He then went on to explain that he found two unusual corkscrews, and still had access to them, but wanted to make sure that I would be willing to pay the price.  One from the description would have to be an old snifter.  The other, has a lead handle and looks like nothing he has ever seen.  Could this be another Curley? 
I assured him that for the right corkscrew, I could manage to pony up the cash.  The price he was worried about you ask…"would you be willing to go twenty-five dollars?" was the dealers follow-up question.
Should make for a fun jaunt up to the next flea on Sunday…what lead handled corkscrew could it be.  If not a curley a haff maybe?  Maybe one of those crazy non-syroco syrocos…who knows…
Pictured below is some of the latest syroco finds–