instant company

well, I was sitting here trying to heal from the overweight bag…im speaking of the suitcase not the person carrying the aforementioned luggage, when suddenly 4 women, one toting a beer, and their significant others arrived and started talking.   So far, we have ascertained one is an lawyer, one is a professor at columbia college in chicago (who is getting tutoring on how to use his phone from the girl next to him), and one of the women is trying not to read over my shoulder whilst I type.

stuck at the airport

As I type this, I am sitting at Midway Airport in Chicago. 
After seeing the lovely bride off on a flight to Los Angeles, I wandered over to gate 18 (where I am currently planted) to check out my own flight to Nashville for the Just For Openers Convention.  The flight was supposed to leave at 5:15.  And, to this point the reported delay is 45 minutes.  Not a long time, but there are many many many other things I would rather be doing than sitting next to 157 other people waiting to get on a plane, only to complain for 1:15 minutes while they are crammed together.
At last count, 110 of those waiting were on their cellphones, 20 are reading books, 5 are diligently working on their laptops, and (OUCH) one just ran her suitcase across my foot.
I am bringing an interesting patent opener for Don hopefully to identify.  It looks like a little badge and has much writing which should make it easy to figure out, but I have never seen anything like it.
I know that I am rambling, but they really should make green velour jogging outfits illegal… there would be a visual here, but my camera is in my checked luggage–trust me, you are all better off for not seeing this…
Somebody just whacked the laptop off my lap with her oversized luggage, which clearly will never fit in the over head.  It was pretty hefty though, perhaps it is filled with openers as well.
More tomorrow from the convention, with pictures to boot…(god, I wish people would cover their noses when they sneeze).