Day 1

Well, after finally getting to Nashville, I hopped in my car and zipped up to the hotel.  Upon checking in, Herb Danziger, stopped me to introduce himself.  We had never met, but had exchanged emails several times about syroco.
After going up to my room, I decided to see what was going on, and found myself in the convention/meeting room dedicated to the JFO.  Not filled with openers, that is relegated at the moment to each members room.  The big show is on Saturday.  That said, there was a couple of boxes in the corner and perched on the top is a beatifully marked Mumford–with a hefty pricetag to boot.  I reached in my bag of tricks and thru out a couple of corkscrews and openers…without a word, just simply a glance and smile a deal between John Stanley and I was done.  The mumford is mine.
Pictures to follow…
Also, all these cats were talking about going to the flea market at noon today…however, there is an early entry at 8 am… I am going to see if I can beat them there….
more later

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