back from Nashville

Well, it was a whirlwind trip…filled with some great conversation, a couple corkscrews, and several guinesses (or is that guinei). 
I did manage a couple of corkscrews, and sold some others.  For Mr. Borrett, I bid at the live auction and managed to win a rare colonial crafts pig butt corkscrew.  Now, it is a repainted one, but the hot pink bottom, black corkscrew tail, and stiletto heels to match, surely will suit Peter’s fancy.
After looking very closely at the Mumford there is a small crack in the brass bell that houses the prongs.  So, this will be put up for sale at a deep discount.  Not 700 it should get, but closer to 400 (hint hint Mark)…even with the crack, it is beautiful!
I will send pictures later….