walker for clough

As I was walking up the ninth fairway, my cell phone rang telling me I had a voice mail.  So, whilst I was waiting for this cat that couldn’t hit a five wood to save his life to catch up to me, I listened intently.  The trade is done!  Milt sends a clough power cone to me, and the over sized walker heads to Milt.
Both sides are happy, I get the corkscrew I have been hunting for for some time, and Milt will now be able to open his 6 liter bottles of wine much easier.
On a side trade, I am sending a clough double helix, and getting a Williamson’s Power Screw advertisement in return. 
I will post pictures when it arrives, but it is quite exciting.  Two of the 6 corkscrews, i really wanted to find this year have already found their way to me…  Now….where can I get my hands on a griswold….?????


After posting the oversized walker corkscrew on the CCCC page, I was contacted by another collector who wants to either buy, or trade, for the piece.
Given that CB is selling off his collection, I am guessing that the KITF (keep it in the family) mantra is no longer part of our little consortium, and I am always willing to make a deal.
And, a picture of some awesome corkscrews was sent as trade bait; including a lews patent, clough power cone, vicktoria bell, and others.  I have recently (re)developed a love of American corkscrew patents and the clough is  a piece I have long been after–so I am leaning that direction.
Also, I received the Strait patent yesterday and it is beautiful…and, a little oil had the bell moving up and down the threads as it was designed.
Pictures to follow…if I can find the cord for my camera