no corkscrewing in Williamsburg

Well, as it turned out, meeting up with Paul in Williamsburg wasn’t to be.  So, I missed out on the famous syroco molds, and he missed out on, …um….er….me seeing is syroco waiter mold.
that said, it was a fun trip filled with wine, wine, a little wine, shooting 1 over on the back 9 at spotswood, and shooting a dismal 107 on the gold course at the Golden Horseshoe….as mentioned long ago…whose idea was it to put lakes on golf courses anyway.
Whilst I was in Virginia, Marky Mark was corkscrew hunting in Pennsylvania, and via email I had received a series of messages with no sender ID, but clearly a corkscrew hunter…shortly after reading them it was clearly Mark…but, I appreciated the text messages as I think they are very much like we all feel while hunting for corkscrews…more often than not finding nothing…or worse finding something common for outrageous prices…I have included some of his messages below.  Keep in mind.  There was no signature, just the sentence, and occassional picture.
message #2   – Still looking…saw a perpetual but missing its frame…heartbreaking.
message # 5  – How about a rare toolmaster for 545$ moron!
message # 6 – Done for the day…found a brewpub…maybe tomorrow.
Anyway…you get the idea.  Of course, when I returned home…there were a couple others with pictures…And, I am hoping the direct pull, sterling roundlet, and anything else interesting was priced fairly.